Social Media Fail – British Airways

Social media mistakes are inevitable; learning from them is not. We’ll highlight some social media mistakes, blunders, slip-ups, flops…and we invite you to “Rate the Ugh Level.” We hope it’s educational as well as amusing. At the end of the year, we’ll name the Greatest Social Media Fail of 2017! Stay tuned!
Note: We restrict our selection to those pertaining to organizations or businesses. 

British Airways
October 2016

British Airways shared with their followers a Virgin Atlantic Facebook post advertising nonstop flights to London. The post even included Virgin Atlantic’s tag line, “There’s never been a better time to visit London.” Virgin Atlantic picked up on the miscue by applauding and mildly taunting their competitor. Virgin Atlantic even sent out a thank you to British Airways, which included the #onethingweagreeon hashtag.

Lesson Learned

Every social media specialist knows the importance of timeliness but they also need to know it can lead to carelessness. Perhaps this self-inflicted error could have been avoided if British Airways had an internal system for double-checking posts before sending. Double-checking posts is a tactic that should emerge at the intersection of the Connections and Corrections elements (#5CsofSocial) of a company’s social media strategy.
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