Section 1: Understanding the Fundamentals of Social Media

Chapter 1: Who Needs a Social Media Strategy?

  • Defining Social Media
  • Who Can Benefit from a Social Media Strategy?
  • So What?
  • Conclusion

Chapter 2: What is a Social Media Strategy?

  • The Essence of a Superior Social Media Strategy
    • Superior strategists assess the competitive landscape
    • Superior strategists make big-picture choices
    • Superior strategists coordinate the choices
    • Superior strategists coordinate the choices into a coherent path forward
    • Superior strategy results in an orchestrated set of tactics
  • Conclusion

Chapter 3: What are the Benefits of a Social Media Strategy?

  • The Benefits of Strategy
    • A sound strategy helps guide your deployment of scarce resources
    • A sound strategy helps coordinate people and resources
    • A sound strategy provides a powerful message to educate employees in the organization
    • A sound strategy provides stability during tumultuous times and crises
  • Conclusion

Chapter 4: The Social Media Cosmos

  • Functional Perspective
  • Dynamics Perspective
  • Experiential Perspective
  • Conclusion