Chapter 15: The Mindset of a Strategist, the Sensibilities of a Professional and the Zeal of an Enthusiast

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Chapter Summary

What qualities and orientation does a social media strategist need to be truly successful? This chapter presents the Social Media Aspirational Triangle, which highlights how strategists think, what sensibilities they develop, and what degree of energy they possess.

More specifically, to be positioned for sustained excellence, a strategist:

  • Has a strategic mindset – for example by making the right tradeoff and cultivate synergies
  • Develops professional sensibilities – for example by cultivating collaborative, respectful relationship with others
  • Has an enthusiastic zeal – for example by devouring the latest news and trends in the field

Chapter Outline

  • Strategic Mindset
    • Strategists are always grounded by the current reality even as they envision the next steps forward
    • Strategists focus on making the right tradeoffs
    • Strategists cultivate synergies
  • Professional Sensibilities
    • Professionals are committed to a core set of values and related ethical standards
    • Professionals cultivate collaborative, respectful relationships with others in their organization
    • Professionals exercise good judgment
  • Enthusiasts’ Zeal
    • Enthusiasts have fun, within limits
    • Enthusiasts devour the latest news and trends in their field
    • Enthusiasts experiment
  • Conclusion

Chapter Deep Dive Study Questions

These exercises are designed to enhance your understanding of the chapter’s key ideas, principles and approaches.

Rank order the three elements of the Social Media Aspirational Triangle in terms of difficulty to achieve and maintain.
 Provide your rationale.

Using your own social media network, identify three people or organizations that appear to not properly balance the three corners of the Social Media Aspirational Triangle. Provide your evidence.

Create a list of 10 daily or weekly habits that social media managers could use to cultivate a healthy balance between all three elements of the Social Media Aspirational Triangle.

Chapter Flashcards

[qdeck] [q] Organic Growth
[a] Using internal resources to naturally boost social media performance, such as reaching out to already established friends.
[q] Social Media Aspirational Triangle
[a] Highlights three qualities that can position a social media strategist for success and sustained excellence: a strategic mindset, professional sensibilities, and enthusiastic zeal.
[q] Synergy
[a] Describes how the strategic elements strengthen and enrich one another.


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