Smart Leadership Communication in the Age of Mobile Phones

by Phillip G. Clampitt (Blair Endowed Chair of Communication) and Bob DeKoch (President of The Boldt Company) The Journal of Leadership Studies published our invited article about the future of leadership, “Smart Leadership Communication in the Age of Mobile Phones”. We posed a simple question that every leader should contemplate. Here’s a preview: How should … Read more

Why Fake News Can Be Great News for Universities

by Phillip G. Clampitt How does society defend itself from falsehoods, fabrications, and sensationalistic claims? Universities should play a primary role, by protecting citizens from self-deceptions and mass delusions. Relatively benign self-deceptions, such as overconfidence in one’s ability to read Tolstoy’s War & Peace in six months, are as human as they are motivating. However, … Read more

How Social Media Should Shift Business Thinking

by Phillip G. Clampitt New communication and information technologies often disrupt an entire array of business practices. Think of how radio paved the way for location-based advertising because businesses could market to consumers as they drove. Or, how television significantly changed advertising by allowing product demonstrations. Best practices often emerge through trail-and-error experiences. But, these … Read more

Scoring Brand Touchdowns by Using the 5Cs of Social Media

by Phillip G. Clampitt (aka Dr. So What) & Ryan Hartwig — Strong brands can capitalize on their strengths through the skilled use of social media. The 5Cs of social media (coordinates, channels, content, connections, and corrections) provide a strategic framework for thinking about the major social media branding decisions. Consider, for example, the Green … Read more

Who are the Top 5 Social Media Gurus?

by Amy Bauer — There is an ever-growing number of talented social media gurus sharing their knowledge. The Amazing Social Media Strategy Team narrowed down the top 5 experts we believe will best help you add value to your social media strategy.       Recently listed as one of the “Top Ten Social Media … Read more