How Social Media Should Shift Business Thinking

by Phillip G. Clampitt New communication and information technologies often disrupt an entire array of business practices. Think of how radio paved the way for location-based advertising because businesses could market to consumers as they drove. Or, how television significantly changed advertising by allowing product demonstrations. Best practices often emerge through trail-and-error experiences. But, these … Read more

Goals, Competencies, and Challenges of Successful Social Media Specialists

by Danielle LaPorte, Jacob Dekeyser and Phillip G. Clampitt University of Wisconsin Green Bay The role of social media specialists continues to evolve. Therefore, understanding their current goals, required skills and challenges is important to educators, organizational leaders, and government officials. An improved understanding will help with the selection, training, and evaluation of future social media specialists. … Read more

Scoring Brand Touchdowns by Using the 5Cs of Social Media

by Phillip G. Clampitt (aka Dr. So What) & Ryan Hartwig — Strong brands can capitalize on their strengths through the skilled use of social media. The 5Cs of social media (coordinates, channels, content, connections, and corrections) provide a strategic framework for thinking about the major social media branding decisions. Consider, for example, the Green … Read more

The Most Misunderstood C of the 5 Cs of Social Media

by Phillip G. Clampitt (aka Dr. So What) and Danielle Bina — In every model or framework, particularly a brand new one, there always seem to be one key concept that proves difficult to fully understand. In the “5 Cs of Social” framework, that dubious honor goes to the Coordinates concept. So, let’s try to … Read more

Getting Started with the 5 Cs of Social Media

by Phillip G. Clampitt (aka Dr. So What) & Danielle Bina — Assume you were just hired to run the social media for your organization. How would you get started using the 5 Cs? Coordinates are goals on steroids. Why? Because they are connected to one another and are mutually enriching. Assume two of your … Read more

Why do you Need to Know the 5 Cs of Social Media?

by Phillip G. Clampitt (aka Dr. So What) & Danielle Bina — The 5 Cs of Social Media — Coordinates, Channels, Content, Connections, and Corrections — are interconnected elements used to craft an effective strategy. Why should social media managers, aspiring social media mavens, marketing executives, and chief digital officers care about them? Five reasons. … Read more

What are the 5 Cs of Social Media Strategy?

by Phillip G. Clampitt (aka Dr. So What) & Danielle Bina — The dynamic, fast-paced world of social media often inhibits us from standing back and taking a big picture view of a fantastic mass media tool to reach our target audiences. The 5 Cs of Social Media provides a framework for social media managers, … Read more