Research Spotlight #2

“Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility on Social Media: Strategies, Stakeholders, and Public Engagement on Corporate Facebook” By Moonhee Cho, Lauren D. Furey, and Tiffany Mohr Business and Professional Communication Quarterly 2017, Vol. (80) 52-69 Research Questions How often do corporations communicate corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues on Facebook? Which CSR communication strategy — informing or interacting … Read more

Research Spotlight #1

“Social Media Adoption in Business-to-Business: IT and Industrial Companies Compared” By Celine Veldeman, Ellen Van Praet, and Peter Merchant International Journal of Business Communication, 2017, 54(3), 283-305 Research Question How do Belgian business-to-business (B2B) companies perceive and react to social media? Methods The researchers surveyed 92 Belgian companies about their social attitudes and activities. They … Read more

Why do you Need to Know the 5 Cs of Social Media?

by Phillip G. Clampitt (aka Dr. So What) & Danielle Bina — The 5 Cs of Social Media — Coordinates, Channels, Content, Connections, and Corrections — are interconnected elements used to craft an effective strategy. Why should social media managers, aspiring social media mavens, marketing executives, and chief digital officers care about them? Five reasons. … Read more